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Mina Henna has now launched in the Ireland and the U.K. Mina Henna is unique, It has its own formula that stands out from its competitors.  There is no need for starter preps, exfoliators, pastes, expensive water or finishing preps. 

Mina Henna is the only 1.2.3 system :

1. Organic Cleanse

2. Mina Henna  colour

3. Brow Grow Oil .

There is no oxidant, lead and ammonia allowing the brow to grow again. Tested on 100 brows of every colour, Mina Henna will last for up to 6-7 weeks.


You will only need to colour once and your client does not need to return until the next 6 week cycle.

Jackie has been working with brows for the last 10years and mina is the best Henna Colouring system on the market for brows. 


We want to give you personal access to the best Henna on the market.

Henna is fast becoming the beauty industry best brow colouring system sought after by many market leaders. Mina Henna is a luxury long-lasting treatment and is currently available only through Ferdia Beauty Supplies in Ireland.

The Brow Grow Oil strengthens your hairs, encourages and stimulate brow growth. Ingredients include sweet almond oil, castor oil, Rosemary Oil, Argon and Geranium. It has a simple roller ball applicator so the oil can simply be placed on the brow. Apply in the evening for best results. 

When you book onto the MINA HENNA BROW COURSE you will receive your kit which includes;

8 Mina Henna Colors, Brow Grow Oil, and Training Manual.


You will learn everything you will need to know on your training course and will begin creating fabulous brows for your clients straight away.


Our course is accredited by ABT and MINA HENNA BROW is EU Compliant, for further information please complete the contact form below.

Half Course:


This course is ideal for those with a minimum of 18 months experience
and a recognised qualification in brows.  You will need to know how to
measure brows, and proof of qualification is required.

Full Day Course:


Deposit fees apply to all places on our training course.

Complete the enquiry form below or use the direct link to secure your training.

Let's keep it real so that you understand why this is needed.  Our time is limited and we need to schedule all of our places efficiently.  We have blocked off or reserved time in our calendar for your training, without processing your booking fee, your reserved time & date is not guaranteed. We cannot just "hold" your dates, as they may be other therapists who we have turned away due to limited availability.  Your commitment to "turn up" is confirmed with this fee.  

Deposits/Fees must be processed within 24hrs must be processed within 24hrs of reserving your place with Ferdia Beauty Supplies & MINA HENNA BROWS.  Your time and date will not be officially be confirmed until your deposit has been paid. Your deposit will be deducted from the overall course fee and the balance is due on the day of your training course in full.

We Accept Cash and all Major Credit Cards.




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