2 Week Gel Polish - Hands  €20.00

2 Week Gel Polish - Feet  €25.00

File and Paint – Hands  €15.00

File and Paint – feet  €20.00


Powder Dipping System Natural   €25.00

Powder Dipping System Colour  €30.00

Powder Dipping System Extension with Colour  €45.00

Powder Dipping System refills   €35.00


Acrylic Extensions with colour  €40.00

Acrylic Removal   €30.00

Swarovski Crystal Toes   €35.00

Dipping System

Completely odorless and requires no sculpting and minimal filing for a quick, precise acrylic manicure. Finished nails are lightweight and durable with a glossy finish. Applied to natural nails or over nail tips, the formulation is non-damaging to the nail bed and removes easily with a 10-minute soak.